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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

I was visiting Gizmodo today and found this.

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

Let's Talk About Sex

I think that women need to explore and express their sexuality. Dr. Janell Carroll states that Ignorance and a lack of understanding about sexuality will be harmful in the long run.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Damn MySpace

Well I had a post all typed up on MySpace,but I lost it. I was not happy. I typed it all up and then when I went to post, it said I wasn't logged in. It ticked me off.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Defending Rose DesRochers

I am not a difficult person and I get along pretty well with everyone. The point of this blog post is to reply to a few lies some women are posting about a friend of mine Rose DesRochers. I have commented on each one of their comments, one by one. I hope this doesn’t get confusing for you. I was naturally curious to find out what might be motivating all this childish behavior and something’s that I found on Katie’s blog might be the answer to the question.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Indigo Black.
Even though she claims to believe in forgiveness and giving people second chances, she'll ban anyone from her website at the drop of hat and even though Jeff and Devrie Paris have not had any contact with her in months, she still has, and frequently refers to, The Shrine that she has devoted to them on her website.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Katie.
And, as far as smear campaigns, I suggest one google Invision Graphics Jeff Devrie. There are two forums available where they are smeared over and over again, one being 12 pages long, and they were never allowed to comment or defend themselves. I would give the links, but I have been banned.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Katie.
BTW, I also discovered that they banned my IP address to Invision Graphics also, which one can also get in by Proxy. They might as well just un-ban me, because if I want to view the sites, it is real simple to do. Nothing new there though, but yesterday, I did notice that on March 22 she must have put a dozen alerts down concerning Jeff. I am glad he is ignoring them. Katie

This comment concerning Rose was written by Indigo Black.
This is exactly why she is engaging you. Jeff and Devrie are ignoring her baiting and thus, as Ms. Karen said, she must go into search of someone else who will make her a victim.

Then it occurs to me that this may all be a campaign to get Rose to remove this warning about Jeff.

What these people don’t understand is that this Jeff character repeatedly harassed Rose and her husband. 5 months ago in March Jeff purchased and He obviously wasn’t ignoring her then. Rose has been bullied enough by this guy. She doesn’t deserve to be harassed now by his friends. They are obviously just as bad as he is and that's why they feel the need to defend one of their own.
I was reading CYBERSTALKING-A REAL LIFE PROBLEM and it says that the difference between a normal cyber harasser and a cyberstalker, is this: harasser moves on to others and forgets you and a stalkers will come back to stalk you another day. This all looks like stalking behavior to me. Proof that this woman Katie is just down right cruel.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Katie.
I hate to be unkind, but Rose does posses Psycho behavior. I researched a great deal of information on this type of behavior. Crying victim is one of the traits. Also, she writes about her being sick, and one time when she wrote about going to the hospital for 6 hours in the evening as her children and husband made her go. Thing is, the hospital must have a computer there just like hers, as she was on my sitemeter several times during the time period she said she was there. This is considered a trait of "everyone feel sorry for me."

This is a cruel thing to say, and I really have no pity for her. I do feel sorry for Rose. There must be something that Rose can do. Why are the motives and methods of Katie and her not better understood and dealt with? What type of pleasure do these people get from continuing to post lies about a good person. I recommend that these people purchase a self-help book or something. They continue to say that they don’t care what Rose says, but obviously they care enough to click and read her blog, then post comments on their own blog about her. These comments concerning Rose’s blog posts about Penis and a Masterbateathon were written by Katie and a blogger Ms Karen.

Ms.Karen: Rose certainly is consistant in her inconsistancy. If what I'm reading here is an indication of what's happening on her, talk about tacky.

Katie: Now, who wants to talk penis cutting? Sorry, my bad. Just a joke. And a bad one at that. LOL

Katie: I guess Sex is a big thing with her. I, like many others, find it totally gross of what is on her blog. Apparently her readers like it per the comments there. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Katie: Karen, I totally agree with you, plus the fact that I know her children read her blog has they have posted comments on them before. I wonder what they think of the recent blogs.

Not everyone is comfortable talking about sex and sexuality. I guess Katie is one of those people who are uncomfortable. If they don’t like it why don’t they quit reading it.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Mid.
I, too, was a favored child until she had a bad day without her meds, and the mask came off, and I felt the ripping of her thorns in my flesh.

I'm taking antidepressants. Does this make me nuts?

This comment concerning Rose was written by Katie.
I have noticed though that anytime I have her name mentioned in my blogs, my sitemeter goes crazy. So, I can't complain to much, as she is good for the ratings

It is patently obvious that the woman can't spell and she is only using Rose to drive traffic to her site.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Ms.Karen.
Her magic wand is probably an attorney or something. Or maybe someone on the Players site forgot their backbone.

This comment concerning Rose was written by Katie.
Ms. Karen, I have no idea why the site took everything off concerning Rose. She probably found something on the site owner and threatened him. Who knows.

Rose told me that she contacted HostGator Abuse about it and they contacted her back and told her that it had been removed. I'll finish by saying this; though I realize that there is far more that I can comment on. This is all so pathetic and childish and I wouldn’t be surprised if it continues. Obviously there are motives behind what these individuals are doing to Rose. If they realized how STUPID they all look maybe they would stop. I'm really sorry that all this is all happening to you Rose.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Here I Am

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in a long time... maybe it's time I start again? I apologize for not blogging more regularely but my internet was cut off about a week ago because I had not got in to pay my bill. I'm so bad! Anyway it's not like anyone is reading this thing. ... haha... I should log into MySpace though.